My daughter Kerrilee is a keen photographer, and for my birthday around 2006 she bought me a weekend Wildlife Photography course to go with her on, based in Gloucester. We photographed a flock of waxwings feasting on berries in trees in the centre and also went to Slimbridge Wildlife Trust, where we used our cameras to photograph birds on the various bird feeders (sitting targets!).

I didn’t expect to see a flock of flamingos; this photo is one of the very few that has survivied from the course.

When I bought my Huawei Mate Pro 20 a couple of years ago, I was impressed by the fact that it had excellent reviews for it’s camera. However, despite my best intentions, I have never taken the time to explore it’s various functions….until now.

So what has changed? My decision to take an Art Foundation course after I retire from being a Councillor,

A friend of mine used his Panasonic GH5 to shoot a short film on Saturday (that I am doing the voiceover for) to enter in a Lancaster Film Festival. He raved about it, but when I found that it cost over £1000 I thought that I had better make the most of what I have first, before I splash out on something that I lose interest in very quickly. 

i took the photograph below on Morecambe sea front when the sun was setting. The featured photograph is of the Ribblehead viaduct.