Radio Spectrum

For an Art module, as part of my Masters in Human Ecology at Strathclyde University, I had the idea to collect recordings of a spectrum of opinions about climate change that could be accessed by turning a dial on an old fashioned radio. I used an FM radio transmitter and a Sony Walkman for each speaker, tuned to a different radio frequency.

I am acutely aware that there are many grades of opinion on every subject, nothing is ‘black or white’. Opinions on Climate Change are especially nuanced.

I only have fragments of that project left (picture of radio transmitter and Walkman, so I decided to update it and make it available on the web.

I used an Elementor module that enabled me to create hotspots on an image, and to add sound clips that activate when the hotspots are hovered over.

Derrick Jensen

Jem Bendell

Lord Deben

Hi, I’m a Tooltip

Margaret Thatcher

Hi, I’m a Tooltip

Ed Milliband

Hi, I’m a Tooltip

Bjorn Lomborg

Hi, I’m a Tooltip

Steve Baker

Hi, I’m a Tooltip