I have done a lot of creatice exploration with my voice over the past 30 years, as well as having singing lessons and singing in a local choir led by More Music called ‘Lune Valley Voices’. I participated in the ‘Clougha Project’ in 2020 when I contributed ideas that were incorporated in the final song composition.

The first voice teacher I worked with was Frankie Armstrong. I have attended several workshops with her, including a weekend exploring ‘Voices of the Architypes’, and a week long ‘voice leader training’

Although the end result may be singing songs from an international repetoir, she emphasises the “importance of finding dynamic relaxation, using imagination and humour,”. The architypes workshop in particular involved creative expression through finding many different voices and sounds, as well as movement.

In the past month I was asked to narrate the voiceover for a film that will be entered into the Lancaster Short Film Festiv