Fool’s Gold

This is Saskia’s show, our first after we arrived. Saskia plays three characters, the main one a pleaser, the ‘king’ is always just traumatised and the other ‘teenager’ just trashes everything she does and is very negative.

I loved the way she bought issues into the show using games, specifically bingo with audience participation. Her main character was very strong, and her interaction with the audience very sharp and intelligent.

The programme says “Lecoq-trained physical performer and Fool, Saskia Solomons, morphs into a myriad of inner personalities as they wrestle with the ickiest of sticky icks: money. Daring to dive headfirst into the belly of the elephant in the room, this semi-improvised solo show is a ridiculous and disarmingly honest exploration of belonging, class and inequality by a closet rich kid.”

Interview with Saskia here.