Fragments of dreams from July 1981

Quick, catch that dream, before it slips away, into the daylight.
  • Silently screaming disembodied statue head under bricked in archway next to river (seems like river in Cork).
  • People carrying on their programmed lives inside walled city. Me standing outside the walls.
  • Seething black mass inside space capsule. Several different approaches inside, including Gestalt.
  • In a bus, two levels, lots of windows. Paul Harber and I are the only ones on the bus. Me paranoid about people looking in.

I’ve found these in a long forgotten notebook. I got into the habit of writing my dreams down as soon as I woke up, encouraged to do this to use for Gestalt therapy. My notes tell me a lot about my life at the time. My dreams generally involve people, including my parents and children, in stressful, absurd but often mundane, situations,