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I have just bought an iPad Air and installed Procreate. I have literally spent just hoursĀ  playing with the different brushes and watching some beginners introductions.

I created an A3 canvas, which I am printing out to then use as a ‘template’ for a painting using acrylics. I’m not going to copy it, but it has been great to have the ease of use of Procreate for me to try out different ideas, and quickly erase if they don’t work.

I used a pallette of complementary colours, and a mix of oil pastels, various paint brushes, and some air brushes including ‘splatter’.

I nwas aiming to get some balance on the canvas as well as making sure that I had a lot of interest in areas, without it becoming too ‘messy’.

(The featured photo was created using AI Jasper)